Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online Free Stream

Warm Bodies (2013) Online Free Stream

Warm Bodies (2013)
Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online Free Stream | Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Full Movie Online Free Streaming

Genre: Comedy | Horror | Romance
Director: Jonathan Levine
Cast: Nicholas Hoult | Teresa Palmer | John Malkovich
Release Date: 01 February 2013

His is a charming love story that has to be taken on its own terms, although it sometimes violates its own logic, which I will get to later. It concerns a hipster zombie with an internal life, but external limitations. He builds himself a home in a plane in an abandoned airport, which for some reason still has a functioning power grid. He's guilt ridden and conflicted, but still drawn to human flesh. He wanders off with other zombies seeking food and comes to a human settlement protected by a group of armed young people. After eating one of the soldiers, he develops a crush on what turns out to be that soldier's girlfriend. 

Warm Bodies (2013)

Any Comicon attending horror fan is going to bristle at the portrayal of zombies in this movie. They move either fast or slow depending on what the scene requires, and it seems the more they deteriorate the faster they become. The cause of Zombie Apocalypse is unexplained and the timeline is way out of whack. At first we assume it happened around 1990, since our hero has a record player and plays recordings prior to that time. In a suburban home, a Polaroid camera is sitting around ready to use. However, there are references to iPods and a featured song that was a hit last year. How did they have time to build a huge wall and settlement in a few months' time? And is this problem limited to one area? Also, we have lapses in romantic logic.Watch Warm Bodies (2013) Online Free Stream

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